We are always willing to share their expertise and that’s why our professionals has been providing key speeches to major international events :

– The new Libya, before Medef International Paris, September 6, 2011: « Issues related to the Force Majeure in Libya; the law of the Country and International Treaties », in cooperation with Libyan-French Chamber of Commerce;

Invest in Libya, before British Expertise in London on 16th of January, 2012 and assistance to UK Trade Mission in 2011 in cooperation with London Chamber of Commerce;

– Libya Oil & Gas Summit, held in Rome 21-22 March, 2012: « Resumption of the Contract; the business law in the new Libya, an overview of the Oil & Gas legal framework in Libya »;

– Global Petroleum Show, Calgary (Canada) on 12-14 June 2012: « Oil & Gas law and regulations; Libyan investment law, Force Majeure issues and claims »;

– Infrastructure & Construction Libya 2012, held in Istanbul, 7-8 November 2012: « Force Majeure claims, Resumption of the Contracts, bargaining with the Libyan Public entities »;

.- Ubi France Paris, January 17, 2013: « Libyan business law; new amendments in Corporate law which affect foreign companies in loco »;

– 2nd Libya Infrastructure & Construction Summit, Istanbul on 29-30 April, 2013: « How to operate and deal with the new Libyan legal framework, resumption of the Contracts; Force Majeure and Hardship »;

– 2nd Libya Oil & Gas Summit, Istanbul, 23-24 of May, 2013: « Oil & Gas legal framework and new opportunities, EPSA IV regulation, future perspectives in upstream and downstream. »

– 4th New Libya Oil and Gas Summit, London, 19-21 of October, 2015: Relevant oil and gas regulations and Petroleum Law in Libya »