How do we work

Our legal approach: we commit to be your creative problem solver in the region: At Fares Group we know the importance to build a team of experts able to operate successfully considering each local context rather than importing unsuitable way of thinking and behaving. The combination of our creativity with a ground approach ensures that your business objectives can be achieved within the framework imposed by the law. We are renowned for our ability to resolve legal issues of foreign entities in the most complex situations thanks to our familiarity with bureaucracy and our unique skills to work in burdensome circumstances.

Cost Control: you won’t be surprised by unexpected invoices.
We offer cost advantages of working with just one firm and an increasing number of options when agreeing fees. Because it is vital to our clients, we provide a transparent and clear pricing to ensure that costs are always predictable.

Availability: we undertake to be as accessible as we can.
You will be provided with the mobile number of a single point of contact who shall manage your relationship through your preferred method of communication.

Confidentiality: we are aware of the importance of maintaining confidentiality at all times.
Our policy abide us to use some formal information barriers.
Our electronic document and email management system is designed to allow restrictions on access.