Sectors of Fares Group

We handle cases across the construction, engineering and infrastructure industry including developers, contractors, sub-contractors, professionals, banks and financial institutions on a wide variety of different projects. This means we understand the issues from all perspectives and we are able to identify solutions quickly.

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Sectors of Fares Group

The health care industry in Libya is intricate and always evolving. Development and provision of specialized healthcare projects is one of the key themes in Algeria and in Libya. The unique issues raised by the public service nature of the health facilities and for drugs supply is challenging investors, sponsors and lenders.

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Oil & Gas

Sectors of Fares Group

Our network of of-counsels enables us to use this experience to support our clients and to guide them through the potential pitfalls of undertaking projects in Libya. Indeed, we provide our client with legal and practical advice in legally, commercially and politically complex and sensitive circumstances.

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Security, Defence & Aerospace

Sectors of Fares Group

Urgent operational requirements,
Export controls
Innovative contractual structures

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Sectors of Fares GroupSupporting the Telecommunication sector is vital to Fares Group, since it is a priority sector which helps develop each and every other business. As many of our Telecommunication clients operate across borders and in strategic issues, we support them with our knowledge and talents at any time.

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Sports Law is the laws regulations and judicial decisions that govern sports and athletes.                               Our expertise in the field of sports law, in particular issues related to labour law and contracts, the law of sports associations and federations, disciplinary law, the circulation of the professional sportsman as well as sport litigation and other fields as part of our national and international operations.

We intervened in the negotiation and drafting of contracts with several Libyan clubs, including Al Ahli of Tripoli. But also the amicable negotiation of disputes between the Libyan authorities and foreign individuals.  We in particular structured the contracts of several players of second division in Italy.