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Labor Law in Libya

The outlined employment laws cover employee rights, health and safety standards, access to healthcare, accommodation, equal treatment, grievance procedures, collective bargaining, social security, legal remedies, and compliance. Key aspects include fair remuneration, work conditions, training, dispute resolution, and specific protections for women and youth workers. 1. Understanding Employment Laws : o Article (142): States that the employee must enjoy […]

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Overhauling Transfer Pricing Regulations : Updates and Implications

TAX NEWSLETTER: REMODELING OF THE APPLICABLE TRANSFER PRICING REGIMEContext As per recent regulatory publications, the Algerian transfer pricing regime has encountered numerous amendments and remodelings following the enactment of the Rectifying Finance Law for fiscal year 2023 (hereinafter referred to as “RFL 23”), which has been supplemented by the recent issuance of a new order […]

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